Saturday, November 10, 2007

Meet the 2007 Stand Up & Scrap Winners!

We are so excited to share a bit more about our six incredible Stand Up & Scrap Winners. These ladies were able to shine in a field of more than 400 contestants and we are so proud of their accomplishment.


First Place
Contestant #: 16591A
Gerarda van Merkerk aka Nevache
Location: Netherlands

Why did you enter the Stand Up & Scrap Competition?

When I bought the kit, I wanted to donate and keep the opportunity open to enter the contest, but wasn't sure if I would and could due to personal commitments and a surgery awaiting. At the last moment I decided to just give it a try and see how many weeks I could enter. I dislike the competing part of this kind of contests, but I love the way the challenges and deadlines 'force' me to create something I wouldn't have done otherwise.

How did you feel when you found out you were one of our winners?

To be honest: I forgot about the contest after finishing the week 6 layout; I had to recover from surgery, real life sucked up every minute. Tuesday morning I woke up with a sweet congrats email from Catherine (Chud23)....and couldn't believe it :-) And it felt strange: there were so many beautiful layouts, scrapped with heart and soul and craftmanship; and also: I loved the challenge, but didn't really care for winning or not, like many others did, and then I'm the one running away with the just felt strange. But after that.... it was big big joy!!!!!!!!! DH bought me a huge bunch of flowers, and we had our own little party :-)

Which of the six layouts you created for the contest is your favorite and why?

Difficult to decide: I love my week 1 layout for colors and style, week 4 because it's me-right-now, and week 6 for the journaling ... My ultimate layout would be one which combines it all, but that's one that has to be created yet :-)

Second Place
Contestant #: 16341A
Vibeke Breivik aka madame mim
Location: Norway

Why did you enter the Stand Up & Scrap Competition?

I just had to give it a go for that ENOURMOUS prize! LOL! Although I NEVER expected to be one of the winners, I knew that in doing these six layouts I would challenge myself to to my very best, explore new styles and techniques and learn a whole lot. Which I did.

How did you feel when you found out you were one of our winners?

Well, it was very exciting because I knew that only me and one other contestant had had 4 layouts in the top ten until the last round, but it was still quite open because of the "invisible points". So of course I expected that I wouldn't make it :) When I heard I was number 2, I was jumping up and down with a huuge smile on my face doing a happy happy happy dance with my 8 month old who also got very excited :) It is the first time I've been in a competition like this, so it was totally incredible to actually win something!

Which of the six layouts you created for the contest is your favorite and why?

My favourite layout was the one i did in week 3. Because I am both very happy with the visual expression, I got the shadows just right and the light/darkness contrasts toghether with the overall composition - and the lyrics that inspired this layout carries so many good memories. The little sprout there in one of the photos is also quite special to me, because it is the first plant I have managed to not kill in a very long time, so to me it really represents a new hope and a new life :)

Third Place
Contestant #: 17099A
Syrin Syrah aka Syrin
Location: Norway

Why did you enter the Stand Up & Scrap Competition?

I heard about SUAS over at Digishoptalk. I got interested because of the good cause; this is something that is important to me!

How did you feel when you found out you were one of our winners?

I was very, very surprised. I had no idea, and wondered if you had an calculation error! The Stand up and scrap gallery was full of amazing layouts, and it felt strange, almost akward, to be one of the winners. I know several layouts in the contest that are better than any of mine. After the first surprise, I got busy trying to find out what I had won. I never checked the prizes! LOL :)

Which of the six layouts you created for the contest is your favorite and why?

I think it has to be "My needs" for week 2. It's not the one that got the most points, but I like it :D I love Pearn's papers here (there are some neutrals in the pack that I LOVE; so simple and basic! ) I'm very happy with the shadowing on the elements, and the golden espresso "feel" of the layout. I also think I managed to make a layout that is both masculine and feminine at the same time. And finally, I'm happy with the journaling. Journaling is important to me, and it was a big challenge for me to express myself in a foreign language. I normally only journal in Norwegian.


First Place
Contestant #: 16067I
Kristen Gagnon aka girlflies
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Why did you enter the Stand Up & Scrap Competition?

Lurking around LDD and SSD as I do, the competition jumped right out at me. To begin with, it is a cause near and dear to my heart. We (my family and I) have been altering our consumption patterns and lifestyle for several years now to tread more softly on this planet; so I was thrilled with it's focus. And on a personal/scrapping level, the couple of challenges I had participated in previously at SSD had really forced me outside the scrap-zone I was in. I knew this competition would do the same. And, wow..., did it ever.

How did you feel when you found out you were one of our winners?

Well winning really is a cascade of emotions isn't it? It started with the 'I didn't hear this right so I'd better listen 7 or 8 more times' portion, followed by strangled, whooping scream that woke every breathing creature in my house. Proceeded shortly by the hysterical call to my mom, my mother-in-law, and the crazy lady 3 doors down. Then, there were the tears (blubbering really), some guilt (how can I win when there are SO many deserving competitors), a dose of chocolate (ok... two), and finally, an ecstatic, giddy acceptance.

Which of the six layouts you created for the contest is your favorite and why?

Well, that's just like asking me to tell you which of my kids I like best!! (depends on the day now doesn't it?!!) ;) I suppose..., if I HAVE to... my first one. I really experimented with it and had a lot of fun. And then all the incredible feedback from everyone just breathed life into me and carried me through the entire six weeks. What a ride!

Second Place
Contestant #: 16077I
Connie Prince aka conniep or digidiva
Location: Douglasville, GA

Why did you enter the Stand Up & Scrap Competition?

I entered Stand Up & Scrap because I thought it sounded fun and challenging, plus it was for a good cause. I had never entered any type of digi-scrapping contest before and I wanted to see if I could make it through 6 weeks of challenges without giving up.

How did you feel when you found out you were one of our winners?

When I heard my name in the broadcast it didn't register at first, I had to rewind a few times before I realized they really had said it. It was a very exciting surprise and I'm completely humbled to have even placed with all of the incredible talent that was involved in this competition.

Which of the six layouts you created for the contest is your favorite and why?

My favorite layout of the six is my week 6 layout. I knew what I wanted to convey with the layout and I spent about 4 days trying to figure out how to get my message across! I was driving when the concept hit me, so I had to pull over and jot down my thoughts right then and there. That one layout will serve as a reminder to me as to what this journey has meant to me personally.

Third Place
Contestant #: 16128I
Rebecca Wilken aka denali
Location: Granbury, TX

Why did you enter the Stand Up & Scrap Competition?

Who can resist a good challenge? Surely not I! *LOL* I love challenges because they provide both inspiration and direction at the same time. Truly, some of my very favorite pages have been prompted by challenges, and this one in particular. Leave me to my own devices and I'll just hoard product, but give me an assignment and I'll sprout wings! ;) The idea of supporting a charity like the Alliance for Climate Protection sealed the deal for me, and on top of that the kit was delicious. I couldn't be expected to turn all that down now could I?

How did you feel when you found out you were one of our winners?

I could say I felt shocked, euphoric, or maybe even giddy when I heard my number, but I think the most accurate word is 'giggly' *LOL* Throw disbelieving and unworthy into the mix and you'll have a pretty good idea of the state I'm in!

Which of the six layouts you created for the contest is your favorite and why?

My favorite out of the six pages is definitely "Regaining My Health" from the first week. Purely graphic, totally new to me, and a subject near & dear to my heart. It was also an entirely uncharacteristically fast scrap for me, I'm usually such a slow scrapper. I created that page from midnight to 3:00 AM, after my houseguests had gone to sleep. Methinks I should scrap in the wee hours more often... except that I tend to be a bit too revealing about the personal stuff when it gets to be that late! *LOL*

With that, all of us on the Stand Up and Scrap team are signing out! Thanks again for a wonderful experience over the past two months. It's been inspirational, motivational and just plain fun! Maybe we'll see you again in 2008 for a brand new challenge and charity. Until then make every day count!

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

As Promised... are the point totals for every contestant who scored points throughout the contest listed in a week by week format. Our teams of judges had their work cut out for them and the layouts they loved and scrappers who received points were well represented beyond the top 10's each week. Congratulations to each of you on all you were able to accomplish throughout the contest.

We'll see you this weekend as we bid farewell to SUAS 2007 by getting to know our winners a little better.

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Monday, November 5, 2007


So the big day is here and the final results show of the Stand Up & Scrap contest are now available at DiScTalkRadio!!

Listen Now

The finale show is a lot of fun to listen to with Michelle and Robin joining DeAnn and Shanah in the Dishin the Digi Coast 2 Coast studio and we are really proud of the outcome of this event. The top 20 layouts from Week Six will be posted at DSTR but if you want to know the grand prize winners of the contest you'll have to tune in and listen to the show!

We'll be posting a short featurette on our winners here on the blog later this week along with the points totals for all contestants as well so be sure to stop back in to check it out! If you want the scoop sooner than that, be sure to give the finale show a listen!

Now that the contest is officially at it's end, we invite and encourage you guys to post your contest layouts in your usual galleries so you can share your identities and gorgeous pages with the community! The stand up contestant galleries will be available at both the Sweet Shoppe and Little Dreamer for at least the next two weeks. However, after that, all anonymous usernames and galleries will be deleted to clean up our servers so be sure to get in there and take a closer look at them in their entirety before they are gone!

Finally, before we wrap this up, we just want to say thanks again for the inspiration and all the love and energy you've put into this contest. Whether you completed 1 week's layout or all six, every one of you made a difference and we've accomplished so much! Also a HUGE congrats to our grand prize winners, we are so proud of you and applaud your success.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

That's a wrap!

So the midnight deadline to get your week six layouts has come and gone now and we just wanted to congratulate the 237 incredible scrappers who submitted pages for this final challenge. A big thank you goes out to each and every one of you who participated in this event, whether it was completing 1 layout or 6, or even just purchasing the kit - you helped make a difference and for that we are grateful.

You can hear the week five results show NOW on DiScTalkRadio and be sure to tune in next week for a very special finale show where Michelle Coleman & Robin Carlton will join DeAnn and Shanah in the Dishin the Digi: Coast 2 Coast studio to discuss our week six top 20 and reveal the identities of our grand prize winners.

We hope each of you feels a sense of accomplishment and pride for being a part of Stand Up & Scrap. Best of luck to each of you as our final group of judges pick their favorite pages.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Meet the Week Six Judges

So it's about time that we introduce our final group of judges in the Stand Up contest. We've been watching the gallery this week and more than ever these judges have their work cut out for them as the entries this week are all so incredibly meaningful, beautiful and different. Each of you has done a brilliant job and we want to thank you so much for pouring your hearts into this week's finale! Let's meet our judges...

This week's celebrity guest judge is none other than Shannon Bieger who is known by just about everyone in the digital community. Shannon has been digital scrapping since early fall 2005, and together with her husband Erick, founded in June 2006. They work together on the site with their 2 little girls, McKenna and Kyla playing underfoot and anxiously await the arrival of their third daughter, Katie who is due in January. Shannon feels very fortunate to be in a position to positively influence the digital scrap industry and does not take the responsibility lightly. Being able to work from home and own a business that is centered around a hobby she is passionate about and a community that she loves is a dream come true and she hopes it will continue for a long time. When she forces herself to take free time, she enjoys scrapping, crafting, cooking, shopping, family outings to Disneyland and she is always in the middle of at least one good book. When Shannon isn't busy running her site or raising her children, she scraps a little & see her gallery at DST.

One of the longest standing members of the Sweet Shoppe staff, Sue Setiadji has been a SugarBabe from day one. Sue lives on the bushland outskirts of Sydney, Australia with her husband of 8 years and her 2 daughters Natalie and Jaslyn. After leaving school Sue pursued a long term career in Information Technology that ended with the arrival of her first daughter. Happily giving up her career to raise her family she spends much of her time involved in her children's schooling and sporting endeavours and returned to the workforce recently as a Child Care worker at a local preschool. Sue was first introduced to paper scrapbooking through her local craft group where she both participated in classes and ran beading workshops. She has always enjoyed a wide range of crafts including sewing, beading, knitting, and crosstitching. While delving into the world of paper scrapping she utilized the digital community to help provide inspiration. She decided to create her first digital layout in July 2005 thoroughly enjoying the process of creating without mess. She now spends most of her free time either capturing her families memories on film or documenting them through this digital art form. See more of Sue's amazing layouts in her gallery at SSD.

Dagmar Newman may be short on words, but gushes when it comes to having talent! She is a stay at home mommy to a 5 1/2 year old princess. She is wife to a Computer Geek (join the club - lol!) Dagmar loves cats - she has four! Originally from Germany, she now lives in sunny California. Dagmar stared digital scrapping about a year ago and is a proud member of the Little Dreamer team. It's so hard to believe someone this great has only been doing this for one year! She did paper scrap before and holds onto her stash as she's just not quite ready to let it go. When Dagmar is not scrapping, she loves to cook, eat, read and watch movies. You can see Dagmar's incredible gallery at LDD.

Joining us from DiScTalkRadio this week is Pattie Knox. Pattie lives in Northeast Ohio with her husband Tom, where they raised two beautiful children, David and Tiffany. By day, Pattie is a Technology Specialist, assigned to two elementary schools and LOVES what she does! When asked why, Pattie simply says, "I get to work with two of my great loves, kids and computers each day, and no two days are the same." When asked about her journey to digital scrapbooking, "I dabbled in paper scrapping for a few years but found that I seemed be more adept at buying things than actually using them to create layouts! When I discovered that I could combine my love for all things Photoshop and scrapping it all came together and I�ve been obsessed with digital scrapping for 3 years now. No more glue in my hair or ink smudged finger prints in the middle of my layouts I love that undo key!" Pattie is not only a great scrapper, but is also a dynamite designer herself. You can find her products at Designer Digitals. She also serves on the Creative Board for Simple Scrapbooks Digital Scrapbooking Magazine and hosts the monthly show, Hullabaloo on DSTR.

Our next judge is one incredible person, Amy Tanabe! When Amy was in high school she started keeping titles and pictures from magazines to paste around photos of her friends and family. Collecting memories has always been something that excites Amy and provides her with huge amounts of Joy! She continued on with her little hobby throughout college but really started getting serious when she was pregnant with her daughter in 1996. Amy was lucky enough to start digital scrapbooking 3 years ago. She loves that she doesn't have a mess to clean up later and the fact that she doesn't have to drag out a whole bunch of supplies. Am believes she's been blessed with some great opportunities in digital scrapbooking like being published in Creating Keepsakes, Legacy magazine, Simple Scrapbooks Digital 3, being a featured artist in Simple Scrapbooks Digital 4 as well as sitting on the Creative Board for Simple Scrapbooks Digital Scrapbooking Magazine. Amy simply loves the creative process and the satisfaction at the end of a project. On a more personal note, Amy lives in rural Colorado on a working farm/ranch with her husband Kevin and their children Abbie and Trenton. By day she is works in the health care business as a Director of Operations for and Assisted Living company. In Amy's own words, "I live a very busy and hectic lifestyle enjoying my family and my career. Life is Good!" To see more of Amy's incredible pages, stop by her Dream Girl gallery at LDD.

One of the incredible designers making her debut at Sweet Shoppe Designs on Saturday, November 3rd, Traci Reed is an amazing scrapbooker too! Traci and her family live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in sunny California! She's been married to her wonderful husband Patrick since 2004 and has two sons Karsten, who is 3.5 and Josiah who is nearly 2. Traci's boys love of all things with wheels; cars, trains, bicycles and motorcycles keep her busy all day! Her boys bring constant joy and laughter to her and her husband's lives and they give her so much pride. Traci has been scrapbooking ever since she was a little girl, when her mom took her to her first stamping party. She was hooked back then and she's still hooked now. She has to admit, she never felt like she was very good at paper scrapping, and thinks that she has really found her style in digiscrapping. When asked about her feelings towards digital, "I've always had a knack for design and computers, so the leap into digital scrapbook design was more of a shuffle for me." Traci has been designing products since January of 2005. Traci honestly can say that she's found her true calling and is blessed that designing allows her to stay at home with her kiddos. In her own words, "Yes, the they drive me nuts, but boy is that a blessing! LOL"

We hope you enjoyed meeting this week's judges! Don't forget that your week 5 results show airs tomorrow at DiScTalkRadio. We'll see you then!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stand Up: Final Challenge

WOW - so this is it! We can hardly believe that our last challenge is already here and I think all of you are right there with us when we say it's a bit bittersweet! How exciting to have come so far and done so much, but at the same time, it's a bit sad that it's almost time to put this contest in the history books. Each of you has scrapped your hearts out for the duration of this event and this final challenge may just be the toughest one yet, but the possibilities are endless. Let's get right to it...

Challenge #6: What Will You Do Next?

"Be the change you want to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

You've spent several weeks thinking about the world around you, your dreams, loves and motivations. You've invoked powerful emotions through photography, the use of color and design. You've looked outside your typical places to find inspiration. You've done an amazing job. Now, we want you to tell us - "What are you going to do next? What are you going to do to make this world a better place?"

The design requirement this week - Scrap your heart out. Sky's the limit. It's all yours to design, so go for it! We want to see the best darn layout you can possibly scrap that will be your inspiration to make change happen. Hopefully, you'll return to this layout again and again in the future as a reminder of your promise to make this world a better place.

Your final layouts must be posted in the following galleries at Sweet Shoppe Designs no later than midnight PST on Tuesday, October 30th.

Week #6 Intermediate Gallery
Week #6 Advanced Gallery

Next Wednesday, our final group of judges will submit their votes and the scores will be tallied. The top 10 layouts from both the intermediate and advanced groups for the final week will shared and the 6 Grand Prize winners identities will be revealed in a special results show which will air on Tuesday, November 6th. Good luck to each and every one of you as you bring this "sky's the limit" finale of a challenge to life!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Week 4 Results Show!

Hey guys! Just wanted to give you a heads up that the Week 4 Results show is live at Disc Talk Radio. As we mentioned yesterday, the layouts are stunning so be sure to tune in and take a listen to what our judges had to say about why they love these pages.

Listen NOW

See you tonight at midnight as we reveal the final challenge of Stand Up & Scrap!

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