Monday, October 22, 2007

Meet the Week 5 Judges!

Wow! Can you guys believe we're on challenge #5?? That means there's just one to go and all of you who have hung in there through the entire event should be so proud! We have an awesome set of judges this week who will be evaluating the gorgeous layouts featuring your favorite and most impressive photographs so let's get right to the introductions...

No stranger to stunning photography, this week's celebrity guest judge is none other than the amazing Jenn Olson. Jenn, who you may know as ScrapRascal, had been a frustrated paper scrapper for sometime before discovering digital. Once taking the leap into digital, she toyed with throwing out all of her paper supplies, but eventually discovered the combining the two was the perfect balance. As a winner of the Creative Keepsakes Hall of Fame, 2006, Jenn has enjoyed seeing her work published in CK and other publications. When not scrapbooking, or taking photos, Jenn spends her time with her family of one husband, three children and three dogs. On any given day you might find her knitting, reading or figuring out ways to sneak her latest purchases past her husband! Learn more of Jenn by logging on to her blog.

One of the incredibly talented Dream Girls at Little Dreamer, Lisa Warren (aka georgiagogo) has a gorgeous gallery full of beautiful layouts and stunning photographs. Lisa has been married to her husband, Brent, for 9 years and has 2 little ones, Ella (5) and Ben (3). She is a self admitted scrapaholic for sure. She'd like to say she scraps "to preserve my family's memories", and though that IS true, Lisa admits for scraping for selfish reasons as well. When asked to explain, Lisa says, "Scrapping is my creative outlet, MY creative expression and interpretation of my life and the lives of my family and friends. I admit, I do it because I love my family and I also do it as my guilty pleasure!" Lisa has been a paper scrapper for the past 10 years and started digi-scrapping just over a year ago. Other things Lisa likes are spending LOTS of time with family and friends, going on holidays, Starbucks caramel frappaccinos, playing cards, 80's music and of course, Target. You can visit Lisa's amazing gallery at LDD.

Laura Deacetis is one of the Sweet Shoppe's sweetest designers with a gorgeous shabby style her fans adore. Laura lives in a small town in the S.W. burbs of Illinois with her sweet hubby Mark and their two sweet boys Nicky and Morgan. She is blessed to be able to have her dream job, being a SAHM, which is the only thing she has ever really wanted to do in this world. She stumbled into digi scrapbooking in October 2005 and quickly became addicted. Several months later she began designing and has been with the Sweet Shoppe since the summer of 2006. When she isnt scrapping, designing, or taking care of her little guys, her hubby and the house, she enjoys cooking, hanging out with friends and family, shopping and snuggling up with Mark to watch their fave shows. Laura is totally obsessed with themes, from her kitchen dishes pattern, to the "Snuggle Bugs" nursery, to her pink shabby chic Christmas decor and the fun parties she throws - everything has to be perfectly themed, so you'll see that alot in her kits! See more of Laura's wonderful designs at the Sweet Shoppe.

You may know Amy as her user name, Alb52, or as one of the Owners and Designer at the Lily-Pad, but no matter 'how' you know Amy, we all know she's great! Amy has been digital scrapbooking since 2004. Her work has been published in various scrapbooking magazines and was recently awarded an Honorable Mention in the 2007 Creating Keepsakes - Hall of Fame Contest as well as a Runner Up in 2008 Memory Maker's Masters Contest. When asked about her style, Amy response, "My style is constantly changing as I am attempting to always improve while enjoying preserving family memories. I love lots of open space on layouts and the challenge of keeping layouts balanced." When not scrapbooking, Amy enjoys time with her husband & three children. She also enjoys swimming, running, and reading. See more of Amy's incredible work in her gallery at LDD and check out her designs at The Lily Pad.

One of the Sweet Shoppe's fabulous SugarBabes, Jennifer Jorgenson is an exceptional screapper who has been preserving her memories for years. Jennifer is a native of Utah growing up by the beautiful Rocky Mountains. This is where she met her husband of 11 years. Together they have 3 children (Cade - age 8, Brinley - age 4, and Ava - age 2) who are the main subjects and sources of inspiration for her layouts. Jennifer and her family now reside in Arizona and have called it home since 2000. Before moving to Arizona, Jennifer worked as a Technical Writer for a software company where she wrote online help programs and support manuals. She is now busy being a SAHM and loving every minute of it (well, almost every minute). Jennifer paper scrapped for 8 years before discovering digital scrapbooking in 2005. She spent several months learning how to use Photoshop and has never looked back. She is convinced she will never touch paper again. Jennifer loves the home she has found in the digital scrapbooking community and is inspired by the amazing talent of designers and scrappers. Visit Jennifer's, aka jorgies5, fabulous gallery at SSD.

Meet our last judge, the amazingly talented Angie Wagner, known in the scrapping world as Wags. Angie lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her husband of 19 years, and their two beautiful children, a 16 year old daughter, and a 4 month old son. Angie was a paper scrapper for 9 years before discovering digital 3 years ago. And as we hear so often, she hasn't paper scrapped since! When asked about how she feels about digital scrapbooking, Angie replies with a smile, " I'm so thrilled to preserve our family memories digitally, and I've made lifelong friendships with people all over the world thanks to my involvement in our digital community." Not only is Angie juggling life with a teenager and a baby, she is busy creating incredible layouts for Designer Digitals, and Gina Miller, but she is the Producer of DiScTalkRadio's weekly show, Dishin' the Digi - Coast 2 Coast. See more of Angie's talents in her gallery.

As always, you've made these ladies jobs a tough one! Dont forget to tune in to the Dishin' The Digi - Coast 2 Coast show at DiSc Talk Radio tomorrow for the results of week 4. The top 10's are stunning from the monochromatic challenge, so don't miss em!

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