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Week 2 Results & Meet the Week 3 Judges!

Hey guys!!

We are super excited to announce that week two's results show is up at Disc Talk Radio so take a listen! Congrats to the top 10's in both levels and the 30 other intermediate and 28 advanced scrappers who received points last week! The contestant gallery was gorgeous and each of you should be proud. Remember tonight at midnight is the deadline to have your week 3 layouts uploaded to the gallery at Little Dreamer Designs. The layouts we've seen this week are incredible, so keep em coming and good luck!!

Now it's time to introduce you to the ladies who have the incredibly difficult task of judging your layouts for week 3!

This week's celebrity guest judge is none other than the fabulous Andrea Mooney, founding editor of Digital Artist Magazine. Andrea resides in Illinois with her two beautiful children, supportive husband and hairy dog. She discovered digital scrapbooking in February of 2006 and like many of us, was completely hooked. She remembers scrapping until 3am those first couple of months! All of her other hobbies quickly took back seat. Soon after, Digital Artist Magazine was born and she hasn't looked back since! Digital Artist Magazine is a magazine dedicated to the art of digital scrapbooking. Each month they release an issue filled with amazing layouts from their contributing artists and articles to help you take your digital scrapbooking to the next level. Digital Artist Magazine strives to represent a wide variety of styles to suit every scrapbooker. Listen to Andrea talk all about Digital Artist Magazine on DiScTalkRadio.

One of the amazing and talented designers at Little Dreamer, Leora Sanford is an inspiring force in the community. As far back as she can remember, she has been putting to use her interest in creating. When she was a senior in high school, she was chosen to design a brochure for a job program that was being implemented into her school. Using nothing but clipart and Corel, Leora managed to create the likes of one that was good enough to pass out at a local job fair. That one job sparked an interest in designing and when she entered college, she found herself at a fork in the road - she could pursue this newly developed interest or stick the plan of becoming an elementary school teacher. Leora chose to be a teacher - at the time it was more practical, though she never did give up on using her creative abilities. When she took up scrapbooking in 2001, Leora saw it as a creative outlet while being able to document the memories of her family. When the digital era really began to emerge, it was a natural transition for her to go with. Leora taught herself how to use Photoshop and it wasn't long before she wanted to try her hand at designing. In Leora's own words, "I still have so much more to learn but I'm enjoying the process every day." And with all that talent, we're sure glad she shares with all of us. To see more of Leora's work, click here.

One of the fabulous SugarBabes at Sweet Shoppe Designs, Libby Weifenbach (that's WIFE-n-bock) knows a thing or two about typography as her layouts always stand out for her creative use of fonts and alphabets. Libby lives live in Arkansas with her husband Marti and their 2 children Taylor and Kendra. She was a paper scrapper for 8 years before turning to digital in July 2006. As a paper scrapper, she created layouts for manufacturers such as QuicKutz and Arctic Frog. Libby has been published many times in various magazines. One of her prized positions was her spot on the 2006 PaperKuts Power Team. Libby found digital scrapping after returning to work as an orthodontic assistant. She needed to find a creative release that would fit with her new lifestyle and not take too much time away from her family. Her goal with digital scrapping is to make her layouts look as much like paper as possible. Libby was very comfortable with the bold graphic look of her paper style, and she feels that she's been able to translate that easily into digital. Still, she loves the freedom that comes with digital that she never had with paper. Libby has been a Sweet Shoppe Sugarbabe for just 3 months now, and she couldn't be happier! In addition, she is also a creative team member for Robin Carlton, Dani Mogstad, and ChereKaye. You can take a look at Libby's fantastic gallery here.

In true Terra fashion, when asked for her bio, this is how it begins..."I enjoy long walks on the beach and love lamps...oh wait - wrong profile!" Seriously, Terra has been an addicted digi-scrapper since October of 2005 when she FINALLY got a digital camera and began looking for a way to use all those digital photos! She was instantly hooked from her very first Shabby Princess download and the rest is history! (oh, how many of us can relate!) Terra has been an avid paper scrapper since 1999, and still does like to combine her love of both digital and paper into creating hybrid projects and even a few hybrid albums for her three precious girls, ages 5, 3, and 3 months. When Terra is not scrapping you can find her gathering SENSATIONAL sites for her DiScTalkRadio show with Kristin Tilley - "Site Sensational", or working on the final edit of the DST Insider Newsletter. And when she gets REALLY bored, she occasionally tries out some housework or cooking for her family. Terra's life goal is to be an award winning actress and to bring about world peace. But most days she would just settle for a few hours to scrap, kids that aren't fighting, and a nice cold Coke in her hand. Terra is honored to be able to be a SUAS judge and part of this awesome community of inspiring scrappers! Hear more from Terra, turn in on the 14th of each month to DiScTalkRadio's Site Sensational show - it's a real treat!

One of our incredible judges from Little Dreamer, Crissy, started paper scrapping in 1998 and never really felt like her pages measured up to what she wanted them to be. In September 2005 she accidently discovered digital scrapbooking when looking for something and it was the best thing that ever happened in her scrapbooking hobby!! Crissy really feels that she can now give the feeling in her pages that she has always wanted. She loves the endless possibilities to help get her creativity going. Crissy has enjoyed it from day one and has made so many good friendships over the past two years. She also enjoys using her DSLR every chance she gets so she has an excuse to scrap. Digital scrapping has also given Crissy a chance to spend more time with her kids and documenting the important as well as the fun times in their lives. When asked how she feels about digital scrapbooking, "I am completely hooked!!" And we're hooked on Crissy. See her amazing gallery here.

Another one of the Sweet Shoppe's incredible SugarBabes, Darla Vasquez is a full-time working mother with two daughters, Amy and Hayley, who are the inspiration for many of her layouts. In between the long commutes to work (a fact of life in California) and running to school activities, girl scouts and games, Darla manages to scrap as many pages as she can while also doing special projects for the designers she works for. She is affectionately known as "Super Darla" to many of her friends and designers because of her ability to juggle everything with a smile! Darla started paper scrapping seven years ago after picking up a copy of Creating Keepsakes and falling in love with the designs she saw. Already a computer lover Darla often created her journaling and titles in Microsoft Word and then printed them for her layouts. One day while looking for a way to create something special for some Girl Scout scrapbooks she was making with a friend, she found an all digital magazine that had inspiring layout ideas along with website addresses! Slowly she started browsing these sites, downloading kits and asking lots of questions about this new art. On a lark, her family encouraged her to try out for a new digital scrappers contest and after winning it - she was hooked on digital scrapbooking! It has been a little over a year now and Darla has accomplished more than she ever thought she would and yet is quite humbled by it all - understanding that her main focus in life is to create both the memories and the pages that reflect the daily lives of the Vasquez family! Want some amazing inspiration, stop by Darla's gallery.

Thanks for getting to know this week's judges a little better, we'll be back tonight with your challenge for week #4. Good Luck!

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  1. Blogger Rachel posted at October 9, 2007 at 12:45 PM  
    Oh can't wait to see who these ladies choose! Those are some well known and spectacular artists! So exciting! Good luck judging girls!
  2. Blogger Gina posted at October 10, 2007 at 1:09 AM  
    Can anyone explain what the DSTR link to "Goodies & Treats" is supposed to do? There's never anything there. Am I missing something?

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