Monday, October 15, 2007

Meet the Week 4 Judges!

Hey Hey all you Stand Up scrappers! It's time to meet the fantastic set of judges who will be evaluating this week's color challenge. As usual you guys are crankin out the amazing layouts for this week's challenge and these ladies are going to have their work cut out for them when they go to pick their favorites. We have an awesome line-up for you this week, so let's get to know them a bit better...

This week's celebrity guest judge is none other than the incredibly talented CD Muckosky! Who doesn't LOVE this girl?! We sure do!!! She is every bit as sweet as she is talented. Proving this by becoming Creating Keepsakes' Scrapbooker of the Year, 2006. CD describes herself as a simple girl who is completely satisfied with a cozy night in. Especially if that includes ice cream, a goofy game and a cup of hot chocolate with friends! She married her high school sweetheart and very best friend, Cam, who is amazing on so many levels. They have been blessed with three incredible little girls who make them laugh and teach them new things everyday! She tells us that those four are all of her biggest dreams come true and remembers being a little girl and when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up she always said "I want to be an artist, and a mommy and a good wife". CD feels that what she has right here is all that she could ever need and everything else from here is just icing on the cake. She also feels truly blessed and totally grateful! Keep in touch w/all that CD is doing by reading her blog and look for her to stop by DiScTalkRadio in December to catch up our listeners on the year that she's had.

A former SugarBabe turned designer and Dream Girl, Amy Hutchinson is overflowing with talent! Amy is a Southern girl who longs for the sun and sand of her Florida birthplace. She currently lives in Memphis, TN (the music capital of the world!) with her husband of 10 years, 3 beautiful girls (ages 7, 9, and 13), and a rambunctious 2-year old son. Although she graduated college with a 4.0 in Biology, Amy has given up goals of graduate school in lieu of motherhood. She couldn't be happier with her choice, and continues to be awed by the challenges it presents on a daily basis. She discovered digital scrapbooking on accident when searching for a way to share family photos online. Although she had done a small amount of paper scrapping before, she never really got into it. Digital provided the perfect outlet for her creativity, without the mess! Amy is completely hooked now and views each of her pages as a work of art. Not only something beautiful to look at, scrapping allows her to share her photos, memories, and legacy with the world. Recently, Amy took the plunge in the world of design - and boy did she make a big splash! You can see Amy's wonderful products at her own site, Amy Hutchinson Designs and her amazing layouts at Little Dreamer.

Another judge representing the South this week! Angela Spangler was born in Memphis, TN, and has lived in the deep South most of her life. In August 1998, she was transplanted to Michigan to marry her military sweetheart, Andrew. She was in the National Guard, and he in the Reserves. They've known each other for over eleven years, and have been married for seven. They have two daughters, Cora, who's six, and Sarah, who just turned 5. Her girls are her main scrappin' subjects. Angela is pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, along with running a photography business. She loves both passionately! Speaking of passion, Angela started paper scrapbooking in Sept 2000. After a few years of picking photo splits off the floor, she decided to try digital in December 2005. It's all about the pixels for her now! She loves the creativity and endless possibilities. She's also been published several times and was given an honorable mention in Creating Keepsakes 2007 Hall of Fame. When she's not scrappin', you'll find her reading or hanging out at the Archery Club shooting her Olympic Style Recurve Bow. Need more Angela? Check out her gallery at Sweet Shoppe Designs and her blog.

When asking Tracie about her favorite things, on the top of her list is her love of photography (and family, of course!) She has loved photography at some level her entire life. In 2003, she finally decided to start taking her love seriously, and it was through that love of photography that she discovered digital scrapbooking. Tracie had always loved the thought of paper scrapping, but for some reason, had never taken the plunge. Digital scrapbooking was an instant obsession. When she's not scrapping, she's homeschooling her two children at her home in Chicago, which they recently returned to after nearly 5 years in Texas. Homeschooling opens the door to all kinds of fun photo opportunities which then show up in her scrapbook pages. Tracie and her husband love to travel so they try and go on lots of family trips (which also gives her more to scrap about - lol!). Tracie was also honored this year as one of CK's 2007 Hall of Fame Honorable Mentions & a 2008 Memory Makers Master. She recently became the new host of DiScTalkRadio's Inside the Scrapper's Playhouse. Stay up to date with all of Tracie's on-goings by following her blog.

Let's meet Alissa Jones! Alissa, also known as tsajones in the galleries, lives just outside Portland, Oregon with her husband and two daughters. Along with her family, she enjoys spending time together in their backyard playing on the swing set, hunting ladybugs in the fairy garden or enjoying a warm fire on the patio while dinner cooks on the grill. (sounds nice, doesn't it!) Alissa began paper scrapbooking in 2002 but never really accomplished too much and her pages were, as she says, "very average." (Which is hard to believe, isn't it!?!) She didn't really discover what scrapbooking could be until she was introduced to digital scrapbooking March of 2006. Alissa says, "I feel that digital scrapbooking really brings the creative side out of me because I have the freedom (without the additional cost) to make a mistake and then try again. And of course, some of the best results actually happen when you do make a mistake! For me, digital scrapbooking is more than a hobby; it is truly something I am passionate about." If you're looking to be inspired, check out her Alissa's gallery at Little Dreamer.

Ah, another judges with Southern roots - but this time, Southern California! Julie Billingsley is a Southern California girl that left the sunshine to move to the greener (and wetter) Pacific Northwest. After living in Washington for her teen years, she moved to Oregon where she ended up finding the love of her life in the single's group of her church. Now Julie and her fabulous husband Tom are happily raising their family in a suburb of Portland, Oregon. She is a mom to two boys, Jacob and Logan (ages 15 and 4) that absolutely fill her life with joy, laughter, and craziness. She worked many years in medical billing administration, but currently Julie is primarily a stay at home mom with aspirations of going back to college. Julie started digital scrapbooking in the spring of 2006 and immediately fell in love with the creative process. She says she loves scrapping because it freezes a moment in time for her boys but secretly the real reason she loves to scrap is that it allows her to play with flowers and bows and lace, which she normally wouldn't get to do since she only has boys. Visit Julie's gallery at SSD, it's chocked full of inspiration and fun!

With that, we'll wish this week's judges the best of luck in choosing their favorites from this week's entries and dont forget, your pages will be due in the Sweet Shoppe Gallery no later than midnight tomorrow nite! See you then with a brand new challenge for week 5!

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