Wednesday, October 31, 2007

That's a wrap!

So the midnight deadline to get your week six layouts has come and gone now and we just wanted to congratulate the 237 incredible scrappers who submitted pages for this final challenge. A big thank you goes out to each and every one of you who participated in this event, whether it was completing 1 layout or 6, or even just purchasing the kit - you helped make a difference and for that we are grateful.

You can hear the week five results show NOW on DiScTalkRadio and be sure to tune in next week for a very special finale show where Michelle Coleman & Robin Carlton will join DeAnn and Shanah in the Dishin the Digi: Coast 2 Coast studio to discuss our week six top 20 and reveal the identities of our grand prize winners.

We hope each of you feels a sense of accomplishment and pride for being a part of Stand Up & Scrap. Best of luck to each of you as our final group of judges pick their favorite pages.

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  1. Blogger Aurore BorĂ©ale posted at October 31, 2007 at 9:03 AM  
    Hello !
    Is it possible to someone, to give me the results : I still cannot register on disctalkradio...

    Thank you very much !
  2. Blogger The posted at October 31, 2007 at 10:02 AM  
    Is anyone else as sad as I am that this incredible journey is over? Thanks to everyone who had a hand in creating this super fun contest! It really stretched my scrapping abilities and gave me something to look forward to each week.

    When can we reveal our identities? I would love to see who is who and of course...let everyone know who I am. I am assuming it is ok to do this after the judging is complete this evening...are the total results going to be posted somewhere as well? Not just the top 20 but how everyone did? It would be really nice to see the judges comments.
  3. Blogger Liz posted at November 1, 2007 at 9:06 PM  
    Here you go -- I wish I knew where else this might be posted...

    Here are the winners from week #1:
    Intermediate Winners:
    Dreaming In Technicolor - 16067I
    Regaining My Health - 16128I
    My Dream - 16918I
    Home - 16313I
    I Dream To See The World - 16482I
    Colorado Dreams - 16191I
    I Dream... - 16199I
    Dream - 16470I
    Dream 2007 - 16121I
    I Dream - 16321I

    Advance Winners
    Knowledge - 17099A
    A Journey Down The Road Of The Cradle Of Mankind -16516A
    Dream - 16591A
    A Life Together - 16773A
    Proverbs 31 - 16533A
    Inner Minimalist - 16195A
    I Dream For My Dad - 16349A
    Healthy Pregnancy - 16401A
    I Dream - 17023A
    Dream - 16024A

    Here are the winners from week #2:

    Intermediate Winners:
    16077I - Sweet Sound Of Feet
    16067I - The Sweetest Time Of Day
    16191I - Random Acts of Loving Kindness
    17317I - Sweet Child Of Mine
    16177I - Sweetest Moments
    16974I - Wanting What I Have
    16774I - Sweet10
    16313I - Relax
    16445I - Sweet Choices
    16145I (tie) - Our Life Is Sweet

    Advance Winners
    17362A - You Are My Little Angel
    16773A - A Magical Childhood
    16258A - {sweet} Everyday Life
    16341A - I used to cry so much
    16762A - Sweeter Than Chocolate
    16669A - The Two Reasons
    16423A - Favorites
    17319A - The Sweetest Life
    16567A - Sweetest
    16240A - Sweet & Sour

    Week 3:
    Love - 17023A
    Have You Forgotten - 16105A
    Little Lamb - 17078A
    New Life - 16341A
    One Thing - 16045A
    Big Girls Don't Cry - 17115A
    You - 16122A
    Lifesong - 16166A
    Talking To You - 16591A
    Hakuna Matata - 16456A
    Will You Marry Me - 16349A
    Reach - 16302I
    There's Hope - 16092I
    These Are My People - 16128I
    True Colors - 17044I
    Unwritten - 16177I
    Good Night - 17317I
    Three Little Birds - 16113I
    Imagine - 16774I
    Fairy Princess - 17281I
    In My Daughter's Eyes - 16049I

    Here are the winners from week #4:

    Intermediate Winners:
    16283I - Pretty In Red
    16411I - That Day
    16333I - Alive!
    16077I - Wishes in White
    16067I - My Turquoise Days
    16482I - Only Time
    16092I - You Are My Peace
    16358I - Lost Love
    16774I - Naturally You
    16179I - Enough!
    17317I - Afternoon Tea Party

    Advance Winners
    16591A - Blues
    16516A - Live in the Moment
    16341A - Don't Give Up The Fight
    17099A - Little Earthman
    16401A - Girly
    16488A - Go Beyond
    16053A - Green Light Go!
    16762A - Ode To Orange
    16166A - Snuggle Time Conversations
    16046A - Lucky
    16567A - Warmth

    Week 5 Winners:
    Funky Personality - 16137A
    Unending Love - 16427A
    Top Of The World - 16567A
    Clown - 16591A
    Irresistable - 16211A
    Reflect - 16401A
    Simply Beautiful - 16341A
    I Believe I Can Fly - 16356A
    Princess Wedgie - 16122A
    Brotherly Love - 16010A
    Tic Tac? - 16104I
    Today's Surft: Mild - 16974I
    Hello World - 16102I
    Peace - 16278I
    Thoughts - 16321I
    Free - 16062I
    Peekaboo - 16384I
    Bondi Beach - 16489I
    A Day At The Beach - 16329I
    Free - 17114I
  4. Blogger Aurore BorĂ©ale posted at November 2, 2007 at 3:18 PM  
    Tahnk you so much Liz !!!
    You are an angel ;0)))
  5. Blogger bellbird posted at November 4, 2007 at 3:04 PM  
    yep i am glad and proud to have completed all six LO's! thanx to SUAS for the challenges and inspiration :)
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